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DAT SLUSH offers a simple turnkey system, allowing you to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and skip many issues even the best entrepreneurs face when trying to start an operation from scratch. We offer the support and training of a dedicated and experienced brand with invaluable resources.


Our founders began the Dat Slush Satellite & Mobile SlushlBar concept with a clear vision in mind and a driving passion for distinctive quality and innovation – established a strong corporate culture, set up solid operational processes and developed the Dat Slush brand in the ever growing Chicago market.



  • Proven industry success with pandemic/recession resistant growth

  • Easy to implement business model with simple operation system

  • High demand slushtails with a proprietary Satellite & Mobile Slush Bar concept with low operating expenses

  • Remarkable reputation for cutting-edge quality

  • Work-fun lifestyle with an energetic and innovative brand

  • Receive extensive training and ongoing franchisor support

  • We are now looking for new territories & markets to expand into, come grow with us!



We take great passion and excitement in the creation and presentation of our fun signature varieties and premium flavors. Our enthusiasm for quality drives us daily to deliver the best and remarkably delicious slushies in the competing market. Our brand values deliver cutting edge taste and technology paired with vibrant energy and superior service. Dat Slush is a pioneer & trailblazer in the frozen slushtails industry.



  • Dat Slush is the world’s first Premium Satellite & Mobile Slush Bar concept that has developed strong brand recognition and track record with it's founders having a combined experience of 20+ years in the beverage industry. 

  • Dat Slush produces authentic all natural slushies resulting from the mix of premium products with unique, high quality flavors specifically selected and blended exclusively by our Founders. 

  • Our Slushies are frozen to the perfect temperature and are constantly blended in our Slush machines to ensure that our frozen slushtails always have the perfect temperature, consistency and uniform taste that is unique to our brand. 

  • In every Dat Slush Satellite & Mobile Slush Bar there are between two to three industrial slush machines that can offer a range of 30 different flavors year round and an opportunity for our customers to experiment mixing and matching our flavors to create their own unique blends. 

  • Our Slush Mix preparation is relatively uncomplicated and the results are superior to any other brand.


Systems have been established to assist in controlling slush mix costs and inventories.

Our slushies are complimented by an equally fun going environment. From our friendly, well-trained staff to our beautiful signage, bar layouts & décor everything about Dat Slush gives off a tropical style vibe unmatched by any other company.


Our system is simple and efficient. Keeping things simple and keeping things moving is the cornerstone of the Dat Slush system. Slushtenders are able to produce any drink offered with the pull of a lever and therefore it is not necessary for them to have previous bartending or mixologists experience. The system also allows for simple and precise inventory control.



  • As an entrepreneur you will be working for yourself

  • You are investing in a proven operating system

  • You can know exactly what you're buying before you buy

  • You'll have a positive Corporate Image

  • You'll have Immediate Brand Awareness

  • You'll potentially win the admiration of others

  • Risk Avoidance



  • The franchisor has made mistakes that you don't have to

  • The franchise will be easier to finance than an independent business

  • Slush Bar Layout Guidance



  • Training Programs

  • The Other Franchisees in the System

  • Track Record of Success

  • Ongoing Operational Support

  • Marketing Assistance

  • A franchise gives you a head start

  • Help is only a phone call away



  • Pooled resources translate into lower costs

  • You have the time to focus on your business

  • You can tap into instant expertise

  • Not a good negotiator? No problem! Most negotiations are done for you by our vast network

  • You can tap into invaluable intellectual property and trademarks

  • You have access to important business data

  • The franchisor will stay abreast of industry news and keep you informed and operating correctly

  • Your Challenges are shared by many

  • There's power in numbers

  • You have a team of people working to help you succeed

  • Buying Power of a National Brand



  • You gain more control over your own destiny

  • You're investing in yourself

  • It can be a bridge to retirement

  • It's a good way to diversify assets

  • Easily Own Multiple Locations



Before opening your Dat Slush Satellite & Mobile Slush Bar, you, your Operating Principal and your Manager must complete, to our satisfaction, an initial training program we conduct. You, your Operating Principal and your Manager must have successfully completed all state and local required food hygiene and sanitation training as well as having completed a certified course for responsible alcohol service before attending our training program.


We will provide up to 10 days of on-site training for all of your other full and part-time hourly employees and members of your staff. We will not charge you a fee for the training of your first Manager and your initial staff. We may charge you a fee for any additional required or optional training and training for subsequent staff. All training will be provided at a location we designate.


The initial training program for you, your Operating Principal and your Manager, which lasts up to 4 weeks, is conducted at your current establishment.



After you open your Dat Slush Satellite & Mobile Slush Bar, we will provide the following assistance and services to you:


  • Our staff will be accessible to you and your staff for consultation by telephone, e-mail and other forms of electronic communication.

  • We will visit your location from time to time to conduct quality reviews and to consult with the staff regarding Standards of Quality and Performance Compliance.

  • We will host refresher training sessions for franchisees

  • We will develop and provide additions and supplements to the Operations Manual as they become available

  • Marketing materials

  • Operation of a Brand Fund

  • Evaluation of proposed modifications to our approved suppliers and products.

  • Access to our approved supplier network and the ability to take advantage of our buying power.

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